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We all look forward to the day when science and religion shall walk hand in hand through the visible to the invisible. Science knows nothing of opinion, but recognizes a government of law whose principles are universal. Yet any scientist who refuses to accept intangible values has no adequate basis for the values which he has already discovered. Revelation must keep faith with reason, and religion with law ---while intuition is ever spreading its wings for greater flights ---and science must justify faith in the invisible.
The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes, 1938

Avant-garde Research
| Research and consulting are available in science beyond the normal |
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Magnetism and the Unified Field
| An article by Prof. Stan R. Ashby, my collaborator for many years |
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Advanced Energy Design-Over Unity
| So you think that there only one way to wash dishes? || Magnetic Motor |
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Intercategorical Physics
| This is a new way of understanding the realm of physics |
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MetaPhysics and the Changing Consciousness
| Pathways to the next level of understanding our Universe and Ourselves |

|National Economic Security And Reformation Act

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Some Poetry by Jim Beene
The Hour of Christmas(1974)    God's Grace(1978)

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A Matter of Health
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At a time in the history of this world when disease is so prevalent in many sectors,
insure that your own immune system is at peak operation. If it is operating at max
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Automotive-Industrial Products for Sale
This is new technology that has never been marketed, maybe your interested?

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