The  Intercategorical Physics

Chapter II

The Graviton

Now the next elementary particle we need in our Intercategorical Physics is the graviton. No one yet has ever discovered the graviton nor been able to measure what they haven't yet discovered, but we know that this particle exists as a metaphysical understanding, and its mass functions as an integral part of the system. In fact, its mass is found to vary inversely as the mass of the universe as a whole.

Hence, the intercategorical C.G.S. for the graviton:

mgraviton = 1/ Mu ·

To find the mass of the Graviton, we need to know the mass of the universe as a whole. Since we know the radius of the universe Ru, this is no great problem. For if the gravitational formulas for the universe are F = GmMu/Ru2 and E = Fru = GmMu/Ru, then mc2 = GmMu/Ru and c2 = GMu/Ru and Mu = Ruc2/G.

But Ru = c2/G and therefore, strange though it may seem at first sight, Mu = Ru2. The mass of the universe as a whole is always equal to the inertial square of any two of its radii expanding at the velocity of light c.  See Appendix E for further thoughts on these ideas.

Hence, the equation for the graviton now becomes: mgraviton = 1/Ru2. So what possible use is this weird equation to us? Because it gives us one of the most basic constants of this new physics, the photogravital constant P. The photogravital constant P is equal to the ratio of the photon h/2pcRu to the graviton 1/R2u :

P = mphoton/mgraviton = mphotonRu2 = Iphoton (the inertia of the photon).

But this is not all: P = hRu / 2pc = hTu / 2p for the radius of the universe Ru = cTu , where Tu is the time or age of the universe = 4.492,475 x 1017 seconds or 14.236,1 billion years.

But again, this is not all that can be derived from this insight, for P = hRu/2pc = 4.737,727,7 x l0-10 c.g.s.units, for P here happens to be the photoinertial surface charge corresponding to q, the electromagnetic charge 4.803,250 x 10-10 c.g.s. units, and to R, the radiogravital charge 4.869,679 c.g.s. units.

Gyrinos, some definitions

All three charges, the photoinertial surface charge, the electromagnetic charge, and the radiogravital charge, function inside the three basic charge particles known as gyrinos.

The P-gyrino is found by asking the question, How much energy does our human spirit have to exert in its free will to influence the course of events inside the present interval of the Uncertainty Principle:

DEDt =< h/2p

Let Dt be the basic time quantum 1/Tu of the universe (alias Hubble's Constant of Galactic Recession H = 1/Tu = 2.225,945 x 10-18 cycle/second = 2.105,861 cm/sec//light-year). (There are, of course,

shorter times than this, but not in our macrocosmic universe.) Then DE/Tu = h/2p, (if we take this as an exact equation), and mc2/Tu = h/2p. But this reduces to mass P-gyrino = hTu/2pc2 = P/c2.

So now by the principle of analogy we can derive the masses for the following three charge-gyrinos:

The P-gyrino: P/c2 = 5.271,432 x 10-31 gm = 0.000,578,667 emu.

The q-gyrino: q/c2 = 5.344,335 x l0-31 gm = 0.000,586,673 emu.

The R-gyrino: R/c2 = 5.418,247 x l0-31 gm = 0.000,594,787 emu.

These have wavelengths of 41.929 Ao, 41.357 Ao, and 40.733 Ao, respectively all just beyond the X-ray border within the 40 to 4000 Ao range of the ultraviolet radiation.

The P-gyrino appears to be the charge particle added to another as a satellite that causes it to function inertially in the spatial surface of the universe. The q-gyrino is the charge particle added as a satellite to the electron in time. The R-gyrino appears to be the charge particle added to another as a satellite that causes it to function gravitally along the radius of the universe in mass-energy, for the Rgyrino = G/A where A is the electromagnetic fine structure constant 137.036,02.

But this is not all, for this amazing constant P also functions as a part of our photomagnetic Weak Force Constant hP/c which also gives us our formula for the meta-alpha particle  (hP/c)1/2 = 1·023,309 x 10-23 gm = 11,233.35605 electron mass units.

The Weak Force Constant hP/c = 1·047,161 x 10-46 (C.G.S.) also forms our Weak Force-Strong Force Unified Field Equation

(hP/c)(cG/h) = U,

where U is our Unified Field Constant hc/2p = 3.161,587 x 10-17 erg-cm.
Whence our most basic equation in all of these---our Photogravital Unified Field Equation,

GP = U

Where G (6.673,215 x l0-8) x P (4.737,727,7 x 10-10)= U (3·161,587 x 10-17)
(N.B.: The last two figures in G are rationalized throughout the system)

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