Intercategorical Physics

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Intercategorical Physics is the result of years of work and study by the author and Professor Stanley Ashby. This work was begun in the 1970s and continued until Professor Ashby's death in 1988 and continues to be studied as the years go on. There have been several thousand microfilmed pages documented over the years and the present effort is to prepare all the type-written pages, notes, and drawings into a published form. This is quite a task.

The study of Intercategorical Physics (IP) was undertaken to try to establish a means of more thoroughly understanding the universe with all the elements and pieces of its construction, not only in which we live, but of which we are composed. The same basic structure that has generated stars and galaxies also generated us. Life is simply a different level of this generation. In order to look for the structure that does this generating we must use all our resources and knowledge. This means that we must observe objectively, rationalize logically, and intuit correctly. It is imperative that we keep this craft and wisdom as simple and straight forward as possible, lest the burden of such unwieldy mathematics limit the excitement of the explorer and inventor.

Thus, we begin this study in which we hoped to answer questions that have created conflicts in the sciences and so, our approach to this study of physics was from a different prospective. The basis of this study was the mystical understanding of the scriptures which contain all knowledge, and the use of arithmetic homiletics which is the mystical understanding of the use of mathematics. This does not mean in any way that one discards the ideas of the calculus, or geometry, or algebra, or Fourier Series, etc. Arithmetic homiletics essentially uses the principles of gematria and if you are unfamiliar with gematria it would be good to undertake at least a simplified study in order to give you an insight into a different use of math.

IP attempts to answer questions like: If a photon is a particle and has no mass, how does it have momentum? How does biological transmutation of elements occur within living organisms with no nuclear radiation. What is electricity (it is not electron movement!). How do over-unity systems not violate observed Laws of Thermodynamics? How was Nicola Tesla able to send lightening bolts one half mile up into the sky? How was Nicola Tesla able to generate "scalar" waves? What is the universal constant of gravity? What is the mass of a photon? How can you calculate particle masses? What is the mechanism that controls the DNA in our bodies? How short is "now" (the limiting factor of any observable event)? What is the action of the chlorophyll molecule that is, how is light converted to sugars? What holds the moon in orbit around the earth, gravity? what's gravity? And on and on we ask questions and like Radio Shack, "you have questions...we have answers".

The documentation of the IP is presently being prepared for publication and as it is being prepared, a draft version is available in abbreviated form. Additions to the draft will be supplied at no charge to those who order the beginning draft. The beginning draft will be available about January 1, 2001 for $59.95. To order CLICK HERE

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