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Prof. Stanley A Ashby was a very unique individual and one might say a bit eccentric. This was because he had such a feeling for physics that very few schooled physicists have even though his scholastic background was linguistics, specifically Greek and English. We collaborated on the study of what we named Intercategorical Physics from 1980 until his death in 1988. Our goal was to correct the inconsistencies and errors of modern physics, even though the academics of today think that there are no such aberrations. The article, that can be downloaded below, appeared in a publication called the "Magnets in your Future" by L H Publishing Agency which unfortunately is no longer in business. The article of Prof. Stan appeared in the July 1987 edition. We would like to acknowledge this publishing group for their outstanding work to communicate new and advanced thoughts of science in the area of magnetics.

The article is available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) form and is rather large, being 7.1 MB in size but well worth the download and reading.

If you wish to obtain the Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply go to -------------------------->  ADOBE READER

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