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Late model GM cars and light duty trucks equipped with automatic transmissions have a torque converter lock-up mechanism. The lock-up mechanism improves gas mileage on the open road; mileage lost through torque converter slippage. The automatic transmission torque converter couples the engine crank shaft to the transmission, somewhat like an automatic clutch. Its disadvantage is that due to hydraulics, the engine crank shaft is always turning faster than the transmission gear shaft. Slippage always occurs, even during highway driving. It results in decreased gas mileage compared to a manual transmission.

The torque converter lock-up mechanism locks the torque converter so that the engine crank shaft is directly connected to the transmission gears...simular to a manual transmission. This provides better gas mileage for highway driving. However, the lock-up mechanism doesn't work well in city traffic. In stop-and-go driving, the lock-up overloads and bogs the engine down. You may notice this as engine ping (predetination). This situation is simular to running in too high a gear with a manual transmission, i.e. the torque converter lock-up effectively changes the gear ratio in the drive train.

For GM cars and light duty trucks, lock-up occurs from 35 to 45 mph and causes the transmission to overshift or "hunt" for the correct gear. City driving performance suffers, transmission wear increases and driver aggravation is at its peak.

Fortunately, GM decided to engage the torque converter lock-up electrically, which means that it can be controlled electronically. That's where SmartShift comes in. The SmartShift decides when to engage the torque converter lock-up. It eliminates unnecessary city driving lock-up, but automatically engages lock-up on the open road. The result...better performance in traffic, no unnecessary shifting and no more driver annoyance.

SmartShift also permits the driver to trun off the lock-up feature. You'll reallyappreciate this when driving at medium speeds on hilly roads, or when you need maximum torque and throttle response. The SmartShift also has an LED indicator to signal when the converter is in lock-up.

SmartShift is easy to install and quickly fits into the existing harness assembly (right under the dash). No cutting or splicing necessary. The present design incorporates the SmartShift in a small plastic case 2"x2"x3" using standard electronic design practices.

The technology was developed for a project that was not completed and this technology is now available for sale. The sale shall include all electronic components used in the development of the program, design circuitry, software, recommended PC board layout, one prototype operating unit, all proprietary information and consulting as needed to transfer the technology.

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