This is an offer to sell advanced technology.

Almost all automobiles operating in the USA, Canada and a fair part of the rest of the world have gasoline powered engines and computer controls for the operation of that engine. By design, the "three way" catalytic converters are effective in reducing automotive exhaust emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen, but only when the exhaust chemistry is near stoichiometry. The exhaust gas oxygen sensor makes possible a closed loop fuel metering system to provide and maintain the required exhaust gas chemistry entering the three way converter. The oxygen sensor is a solid electrolyte galvanic cell which produces about one volt when it is exposed to a "rich" exhaust mixture and near zero volts when the exhaust is "lean". The sensor can signal the electronic control of the closed loop system whether the mixture is rich or lean, thereby permitting the system to control at or near stoichiometry. The system of the three way converter together with closed loop fuel metering permits meeting stringent exhaust emission standards while maintaining better fuel economy than would be provided by known alternatives

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in most automobiles today has a preset value of the stoichiometry. which is 14.7. This value of 14.7 AFR is the air/fuel ratio at optimum operation. With the proper tools and equipment, it is possible to reprogram the memory in the Electronic Control Unit, assuming one knows where to find it and how to replace the value. Also the ECU program will only allow a variation of + or - 2 AFR.

The device was developed to allow an oxygen sensor to operate over a very large range, from about 8 AFR to 22 AFR. The device allows adjustment to any value in this range. This device is called an Oxygen Sensor Translator (Model OSSP-1). This is an electronic circuit which is easily adaptable to any automotive ECU. This OSSP-1 can be packaged easily in a 3"x5"x1" plastic box using standard electronic sizing or in less than half that size by using surface mount technology.

It is definitely not recommended to be used by "street" vehicles as it may cause these vehicles to operate outside emission standard ranges. It is recommended for certain sports vehicles and other machinery that does not require conformance to any environmental standards. It automatically allows for improved operation of the engine and a deduction in fuel consumption.

The technology was developed for a project that was not completed and this technology is now available for sale. The sale shall include all electronic components used in the development of the program, design circuitry, software, recommended PC board layout, one prototype operating unit, all proprietary information and consulting as needed to transfer the technology.

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