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For the past many years, the idea that an energy source, a free energy source, could occur seemed to violate the laws of physics, especially, the  First and  Second Laws of Thermodynamics. Off-hand, this would be the  logical  conclusion, but an assumption is made concerning these laws: that there is only one category of observable reality which we  view  in   the  usual  three  dimensions.  But,  what  if   there  were more than just one category  of  observable  reality, and suppose that these categories had different sets of dimensions, then what?  Suppose that  there  were  at  least two categories of observable  reality  and  suppose  that  these   two  categories  overlapped  each  other because they shared some of the same dimensional coordinates. And suppose that we arrange the conditions between these two categories so that energy (in whatever form or another) could be moved from category #1 to category #2. And let's suppose that the observation of these categories differs due to our limited ability, e.g. we cannot see radio waves because we lack the senses necessary to see them directly. So we cannot "see" two dimensional structures such as two dimensions of space or two dimensions of time.
    Now by illustration, if one set (like a mathematical set) of dimensions was X,Y, Z and T1 where X,Y,& Z are the three dimensions of space and T1 is the dimension of time present and if the other set of dimensions was X,Y, T1 and T2 where now we have 2 dimensions of the same space and two dimensions of time, time present and time either future or past, then, I contend that we observe one reality and fail to observe the other because we cannot "see" two dimensional space and we cannot observe time other than time "present" So, we tend to lump these two realities together into one and thus their identities are lost. Consider the following sketch where we have two sets that overlap.

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Now in the region where they overlap, we place a device that is operating in both sets simultaneously. By the proper design, we could steer the energy (in whatever form) from one set to the other or visa versa. This energy steering is accomplished by causing T1 to move in the direction of T2. You see, "time" is a three dimensional set of coordinates and must be treated mathematically as such. Thus, as we steer the energy situation, we apparently create energy from nothing, but in reality,we are only moving energy from one dimensional  set  to  the  other   and  in  the  direction  of  the  system   design. So, we are making  a  gate,  a  transfer  gate   or  whatever  name  you  wish.  This   "gate"  has  a mathematical transfer function which defines the parameters. This transfer function is the design method in all over-unity devices whether the inventor realizes it or not. Many times, a researcher or scientist will accomplish an over-unity device without ever understanding the mechanism involved. This author has several such cases and in each case, the transfer function involved was employed in their designed, sometimes by the seat of their pants, just straight intuition.

A booklet has been prepared  which includes the theory for this phenomena, case situations which reveal energy gain, the mathematics involved, and four different devices. All available information about the devices is included such as  the inventor, patent number(s), copies of the patents where applicable, general descriptions and my measured or calculated values of gain. In addition and only in some cases, there are special reports which further the understanding and description of the inventor's work. These reports are not publicly available. This work represents many years of labor and effort on the part of the author and it is requested that you respect that study and research so that further work may continue.

In every situation, there is a "key" to the over-unity gain process. This is the area of design application, to discover the transfer function that enables the energy transfer form. The transfer function can define the amplification of mechanical, electrical, optical, sonic, gravitational, heat, etc. systems. These principles have been around for over 100 years and by various inventors, but most have failed to see the underlying "key" that will enable man to move into a totally new realm of life, though only in a technological sense.

Just to wet your whistle a little, here's an over-unity device that has been with us for some time and there are millions of them in use every day. The aspect of over-unity is totally ignored though. Click on this link:
Electric Generator and Refrigeration Unit

There is aways a "key". This is part of the mystery of the Creators universe. Want to see the "key"


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