Galactic Consciousness Cycle Timing


1st "Day" Jan. 5th, 1999 - Dec. 30th, 1999
(Seeds of consciousness planted)

1st "Night" Dec. 31st, 1999 - Dec. 24rd, 2000
(Consciousness is activated)

2nd "Day" Dec. 25th, 2000 - Dec. 19th, 2001
(Polarity is displayed)

2nd "Night" Dec. 20th, 2001 - Dec. 14th, 2002
(Old and New consciousness collide)

3rd "Day" Dec. 15, 2002 - Dec. 9th, 2003
(The Truth rolls out - Like it or Not)

3rd "Night" Dec. 10th, 2003 - Dec. 3rd, 2004
(Adjustments to the Truth - Don't Hold on, but Flow)

4th "Day" Dec. 4th, 2004 - Nov. 28th, 2005
(New foundations of human relations)
This is where we are NOW!

4th "Night" Nov. 29th, 2005 - Nov. 23rd, 2006
(Ethical procedures are implemented)

5th "Day" Nov. 24th, 2006 - Nov. 18th, 2007
(We meet our Galactic neighbors)

5th "Night" Nov. 19th, 2007 - Nov. 12th,
(The end of manufactured lack)

6th "Day" Nov. 13th, 2008 - Nov. 7th, 2009
(Consciousness surpasses technology)

6th "Night" Nov. 8th, 2009 - Nov. 2nd, 2010
(Bliss, we will need the practice)

7th "Day" Nov. 3rd, 2010 - Oct. 28th, 2011
(We evolve to conscious Co-Creation of existence and experience)


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