The Substance of Faith

Professor Stan Ashby typed out this work while we were working together but while he was still in Rumford, Maine before I moved Stan and his wife, Silvia, to Pennsylvania. There is definitely a 'Christian' flavor to his work rather than just 'Spiritual' which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with the Intercategorical Physics except to show his in-depth study and love of the Creator.

There are 94 contiguous pages but pages 95 through 141 seem to be missing. The pages from 142 through 153 are available.

I have only included the first 10 pages on this internet presentation so as to conserve server memory. If you have an interest in reviewing more pages, just E-mail me and I would be glad to make copies and sent them along for a fee of $.50 per page. You may contact me at <>.


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